Enterprise Programme

Through our work on Strawberry Vale Estate we have identified a strategic need to help unemployed adults, often in the 20-30 year old age bracket, get into regular long term employment. These unemployed young adults have often either dropped out of education early or left school with little or no qualifications and haven’t been able to access high education which then frequently excludes them from the work place. Unfortunately, they often receive little encouragement from their family unit.

Hope Cafe

Hope Cafe launched in 2020 as the first project in the Enterprise programme.

We provide our trainees with the new opportunities, helping build their confidence and develop work skills. We also encourage having an ambition for a fulfuilling life, and empower them as they build new careers.

Our holistic programme lasts 12-18 months, equipping staff with transferable skills for the working world through mentoring, life skills input and on-the-job training.